You deserve peace of mind 
without the high premiums.

When you join HealthSharing, you join a group of like-minded individuals whose lifestyles reflect your own. Together, you obtain the peace of mind that health coverage brings, without having to pay high premiums to support individuals whose health choices and lifestyles do not align with yours.

Good news for your great health.

Individuals and families who join HealthSharing report experiencing a savings on their health care costs (typically HALF of what they were paying for their Obamacare plan), and are exempt from paying government-mandated fines.

What does this mean for you? More control over your healthcare dollars, more provider choice, and significant monthly savings.

At HealthSharing, our HealthShare Advisors represent the leading health care sharing ministry plans, including Aliera Healthcare, Altrua and Medi-Share.  

HealthShare Advisors are like-minded individuals who shop the marketplace to find you the best plan at the best price–all throughout the year. There is never any charge or fee to use HealthShare 

Advantages at a Glance


Across the board, a HealthSharing plan gives you financial freedom and control, without facing expensive penalties or ACA restrictions on the health care you deserve.

No Taxes, No Fees
See Any
Save Up to 50%
on Healthcare Costs
Options for Individuals
and Families

HealthSharing Vs. Obamacare

HealthSharing ACA/Obamacare
Exempt from the Uninsured Tax Penalty
Nationwide Coverage
ACA Taxes and Fees Required
Government Involvement
Financial & Private Documents Required
Tax Status of Provider Non-Profit For Profit
Mental Health Coverage
Drug & Alcohol Rehab Coverage
Birth Control Provided
Go to Any Medical Provider
Average Annual Rate Increase Last 2 Years 0% 40%
Healthy Lifestyle Choices Enforced
Medical Bill Negotiation 50% Savings 0%
Pre-Existing Conditions Covered After 12-24 Months Immediately
Primary Membership Demographics Healthy Sick

When it comes to choosing health care for you and your family, HCSMs like HealthSharing allow you to put family before politics. Unfortunately, the mandates of Obamacare do not.


Obamacare does not take into account your finances or commitment to a healthy lifestyle. Instead, it demands that you to pay high premiums so that individuals whose lifestyles are not aligned with yours can reap the benefits. 

With Obamacare, you’re obligated to pay for individuals who may choose risky medical procedures, and whose unhealthy lifestyle choices result in expensive treatments.


Unlike ACA Insurance, HealthSharing is an ACA-exempt alternative, and can save you 30 – 50% off a typical Obamacare plan, with the benefit of protection against the governmental penalty fees for not having “traditional” insurance.

7 Obamacare Secrets That Are Costing You a Bundle

At HealthSharing, we know that you hold your values and your health in high regard. That’s why we want you to be as informed as possible when making decisions that impact your health and the health of your family. Download our eBook to learn how your values have been compromised through government-mandated Obamacare plans – and what you can do about it.