Why HealthShare Plans are Better than Health Insurance

October 19, 2017 in Featured


HealthShare plans have been gaining popularity in the last few years, ever since the introduction of the Affordable Care Act. This health care reform was designed to increase the availability of health insurance and lower costs. However, health insurance costs have been rapidly on the rise ever since, and many Americans continue to lose their coverage.

With the Affordable Care Act (ACA) backfiring, health care sharing has become an interesting option for many families to pay for medical expenses. HealthShare plans offer an affordable alternative to rising health insurance costs with less imposing limits.


It’s an affordable alternative

HealthShare plans are more affordable than health insurance. This is because they aren’t the same as health insurance. HealthShare plans are typically offered by faith-based ministries who operate more like non-profit organizations.

Members of the HealthShare pay a monthly premium that is used to fund medical expenses. The monthly contribution can even be less than half of traditional health insurance! Depending on the HealthShare plan, monthly contributions range from $60 to $450 per month.

In addition to the monthly contribution, members pay an annual personal responsibility sum, similar to an annual deductible. These range anywhere from $300 to $5000 but are often more affordable than annual deductibles required by health insurance companies. HealthShare plans have no maximum limits, which adds to their reputation as an affordable healthcare alternative.


Your choice of treatment options

Most health insurance companies require policyholders to seek medical care from one of their network providers. Lower monthly premiums usually mean even further restriction of your provider network. This could mean out-of-pocket expenses if you need to visit a doctor outside of the healthcare prover’s approved network.

HealthShare plans work differently. Members are free to visit the doctor or hospital of their choice. Your state of residence doesn’t affect your membership in any way. So, if you are out of state or relocate, there are no complications. Just choose a medical facility that best fits your needs.

Some HealthShare plans even support natural and alternative treatment methods. Most health insurance companies only share the costs of traditional medical procedures. By choosing the appropriate HealthShare, you can have access to alternative treatments that aren’t offered through health insurance.


HealthShare plans have no imposing limits

HealthShare plans don’t impose as many limitations as health insurance companies. Membership is neither dependent on your state of residence, nor your employment status. That means, even if you move, travel, or lose your job, you’re still entitled to assistance through the HealthShare.

There are no lifetime or annual limitations, which gives you and your family added security. In addition, you don’t have to worry about losing your membership if you develop a medical condition. HealthShare ministries typically accept applicants with pre-existing conditions, with few exceptions. There are also comprehensive options that can include the entire family.


Exemption from the Affordable Care Act

One major advantage to joining a HealthShare is that you gain exemption from the Affordable Care Act. Since the ACA took effect in 2010, Americans are required to attain minimum essential coverage. The fees for each family member who is uninsured could end up costing more than health insurance itself.

Members of a HealthShare are exempt from the ACA and won’t need to worry about paying penalties for not having health insurance. For those who don’t benefit from traditional health insurance, a HealthShare plan could be an affordable alternative to meeting the ACA requirements.


HealthShares are the better choice

In a time of rising health insurance costs and ever-increasing restrictions, HealthShare plans sometimes are the better alternative. The costs compared to health insurance are much easier to afford, and there are no maximum limits to assistance. Members have a free choice of health care providers and more inclusive treatment options.

Unlike health insurance, HealthShares have no limitations based on residence or employment status. When you join a HealthShare, you become exempt from the ACA, which saves you money on penalties when not registered with a health insurance provider. For many Americans, HealthShare plans are the better choice when it comes to finding a healthcare solution!

It’s important to note that health sharing ministries do not fall under the category of health insurance, but rather health care ‘alternatives.’ If you’re thinking about switching over soon to this promising alternative, consider giving Health Share Advisors a call. Our agents can answer all of your queries and get you enrolled in a plan. Phone 1-844-699-6873 today for more information!