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Under the Affordable Care Act, individuals are required to carry health insurance unless they fit into certain very specific exceptions, such as death or disability of household wage earner, imprisonment of the household wage earner, loss of employment, or the carrying of Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC). The minimum essential coverage is exactly as it sounds: coverage of the bare minimum requirements as explained within the Affordable Care Act. This does not include hospitalization or even surgery coverage. By pure definition, these types of plans are not considered Health Insurance. Instead, they are self-insurance type plans that help cover preventative care measures and other essential services. While these plans are not recommended for everyone, they are a wonderful alternative for those they serve. Aliera Group Health Share is one of these types of plans. This plan is an option for employers to meet the MEC requirement and provide some type of health coverage to their employees.

The Bottom Line

The number one complaint of health plans under the Affordable Care Act is the high costs and high deductibles. Many plans offer certain essential coverages for no out of pocket costs. However, the insured must meet a high deductible for seeing the benefit for things like hospitalization, surgery, or illness treatments. Aliera Group Health Share is an alternative answer to this complaint. For as low as $69 to $99 per month, an individual may carry MEC that will still provide the same free preventative care services from which most people benefit under the plans involved within the Affordable Care Act.


These plans may even be a bit more comprehensive than many of the current marketplace plans, offering benefits that are only available after a high deductible is reached. For instance, benefits such as telemedicine, which may not be included with many health insurance plans, are covered under these plans. After nine months of maintaining coverage, episodic primary care is also covered in a limited number. This includes some doctor visits and even physical exams. Members can also include PCP and urgent care, lab work, prescription drug discounts, and at least one urgent care visit. The fees for all but the preventative care range from $20 to $60 a visit. The preventative care does not include any fees for the visit.


Value, Plus, or Premium

Like the Marketplace, there are three levels of coverage under the Aliera Group Plans. In the marketplace, members can choose from bronze, silver, or gold plans. Each level is a bit more costly but offers more coverage and services with lower deductibles. Aliera plans work in much the same manner. Members may choose from the Value Plan, the Plus Plan, or the Premium PPO Plan. The value plan starts at $69 and covers all that is mentioned above. However, you must use a provider in the closed-network. Should you decide to go with the PPO plans, you may choose a participating provider.


One of the most notable differences between health insurance plans and Aliera Group Plans is the manner in which appointments are made. Aliera Group Plans are equipped with a concierge service. Once you enroll and activate your membership, you are put in touch with the concierge service. First, you must utilize a telemedicine provider prior to seeing a doctor or visiting the lab. Once you have completed that step, you must utilize the concierge service to make your provider or facility appointments. This will help ensure you are using a preferred provider and staying within the guidelines of your plan.


Applying is very simple. Simply print the application which allows you, as an employer, to register your business as a member organization. Then provide the member registration forms to your employees and fax or email the completed form. It is much easier than applying for a traditional health insurance plan and much more economical.


To learn more about Aliera Group Health Share and your health care options, contact the experts at at 800-948-4256. Our health insurance experts will be happy to answer your questions about your group insurance options that will help keep your workforce healthy and your wallets full.